The Installation Position of Concrete Pump

The installation position of concrete pump has strong connection with the construction conditions of your sites. Different lay of grounds should have different installation positions for concrete pumps, isn’t it?

Generally speaking, the concrete pump is arranged near the tunnel entrance while pouring concrete in tunnel. Sometimes, operators arrange the pump in the inner side of the tunnel in order to shorten the length of conveying pipes. It is necessary to have appropriate means of feeding for your construction projects. While working outdoors, the pump is generally placed to places that have easy access to the transport vehicles in order to make the installation and feeding much more convenient. Considering from the point of view of feeding, concrete pump should be placed near the mixing station or blender, which can feed materials directly from the concrete mixing station.

concrete trailer pump images

In order to improve the productivity, we must ensure the continuous pumping of concrete pumps as much as possible. So operators should adopt the matching concrete mixer for your concrete pump. The installation of your concrete pump must have reasonable layout, appropriate inclination angles that should be best between 25 degrees to 40 degrees. The inner wall the chute should be very smooth and has no slurry leakage. The concrete pump should close to the casting surface as much as possible, and the piping should be very short.

Operators should discharge materials to the hopper through a blender when the capacity of concrete mixer is very large. As a professional concrete pump manufacturer in China, we try to satisfy the demands of worldwide customers and bring big benefits to them. We warmly welcome your visit if you are interested in our products.

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