The Installation Procedures of Concrete Pump

If concrete mixer can directly supply materials to concrete pump, the concrete pump can be installed locally, which is also convenient to connect tube and feed materials. If the concrete  mixtures can be mixed and delivered in the construction sites, users should make sure the location of concrete mixer according to the specific construction sites and feeding methods of concrete mixer. Then they can settle the location of the concrete pump according to the discharging height and requirements. The installation steps of concrete pump are listed as below:

concrete pump trailer image

  1. First of all, set the concrete pump on the cement floor and keep it horizontal. Firmly lock the positioning pin and safety pin of four landing legs of concrete pump in order to get the tires out of the ground or remove the tires easily.
  2. Add a chute between discharging port of concrete mixer and hopper of concrete pump in order to make sure the discharging materials can flow into the hopper of the concrete pump.
  3. Under normal circumstances, the hopper of concrete pump should be heightened 20cm longer, which can increase hopper volume to avoid leakage of concrete (stationary concrete mixer had better discharging in one time, which can decrease the losses of concrete when it enters into hopper).
  4. After the installation of concrete pump, the close and open of cover door should be free, which can make maintenance and operation easier.

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