The Main Features of Concrete Mortar Pump

Concrete mortar pumps are especially suitable for the delivery of all kinds of mortars that are used in different construction works, which generally have high availability, compact structure, strong corrosion resistance and good performance. As a famous concrete mortar pump manufacturer, we want to introduce the main features of concrete mortar pump as the followings:

truck mount cememt pump

  1. Concrete mortar pump adopts advanced S tube valves, which can meet the delivery requirements of all kinds of mortars.
  2. The spectacle plate and cutting ring of the equipment are made of strong wear-resistant alloy material, which can ensure that the pump has longer service life.
  3. It has high outlet pressure, which can meet the pumping requirements of high-rise building and long distance construction works.
  4. The cooling of hydraulic oil adopts water cooling system, which has better cooling effect and simple operation.
  5. Concrete mortar pump has anti-pump function, which can minimize the occurrence of pipeline blockage.
  6. It is equipped with manual centralized lubrication system, which can prolong the service life of the rotating parts.
  7. The electric box of concrete mortar pump is equipped with remote controller, which is easy operate and maintain.

With long producing history, our concrete mortar pumps have been exported to lots of countries, which are well-welcomed with its favorable price, long service life, long pumping distance and good performance. Welcome worldwide customers to contact us at any time to get the latest quotation.

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