The Operation Attention and Tips of Concrete Trailer Pump

Concrete trailer pump plays a vital role in today’s construction projects, which can greatly improve efficiency, reducing manual work and labor intensity. In fact, there are many users who have little recognition of their wrong operation steps in production, which is the reason that we want share this article. Specific steps are as the followings:

1. Trailer concrete pump can by dragged by motor vehicles, but it is not supposed to carry any goods, and the towing speed should not exceed 8km per hour.

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  1. The hydraulic system of concrete trailer pump china should meet certain specification requirements, and users shall not adjust it randomly.
  2. In cold days, users should take some measures to prevent the pump from freezing, which can ensure the smooth operation in the production process.
  3. In contrast, users should avoid the too high of the oil temperature in the hot season, When the temperature reaches 70 ℃, the operation should be stopped and certain cooling measures should be taken immediately.
  4. After pumping, operators should wash the hopper, S valve, cylinder and transmission lines. After cleaning, users should release the pressure accumulator and cut off the electricity.
  5. Staff members is not allowed to climb or ride on the pipeline, which is totally forbidden in the high-altitude operations.

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