The Operation Skills of Changli Trailer Concrete Pumps

Today, there is a huge demand of concrete pumps in the market with the acceleration of high-speed railway construction and the expansion of housing industries, which also boosts the innovation and update of concrete pumps. However, it is insufficient for users to only buy a high quality concrete pump, and they also should pay attention to the operation skills of concrete pumps to finish the construction tasks. With the summarization of professional technician and daily operation habits, we want to introduce the basic operation skills of concrete trailer pumps as the followings:

trailer concrete pumps manufacturers

  1. The size of sand particle and cement should meet the pumping standards and requirements of your concrete trailer pumps.
  2. The legs of concrete pumps should be fully extended to support the pump, and the placing boom shall not be started after fixing the machine. Do not use the lifting boom to drag objects.
  3. All the screws of concrete pumps should be fastened and the joint parts of pipelines should be sealed tightly. Besides that, the protective equipment should be reliable and complete.
  4. Before operation, users should prepare the cleaning pipelines and sanitary appliances ahead of time. In addition, users should lubricate the pipeline with specialized-produced cement, and irrelevant people should stay away from the pipelines.
  5. Users should add the additives reasonably to improve the performance of concrete mixtures.
  6. It is very important to clean the pump thoroughly after operation, and make sure that the pump is set in a flat place.

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