The Pumping of Concrete Pump

The pumping of concrete is widely seen in many modern construction works, which often has fast operation speed, high quality and low labor intensity, and it is extensively used in many high-rise building and road construction works. Generally speaking, the pumping of concrete refers to the conveying of concrete from the mixing truck to construction sites by making full use of pressures, which can easily realize the pumping of different heights or angles, and it has large pumping capacity, high working efficiency and continuous operation.

In order to extend the service life of the equipment and improve operation efficiency, the concrete should meet certain standards and requirements to avoid the blockage, abrasion and explosion of conveying pipelines. Besides that, all the bolts of the pumping equipment should be tightened, and the joints of pipelines should be tightened and sealed, and the protection device should be complete and reliable.

concrete pump trailer

Users can’t open any pipelines when the pumping system is under pressure. The safety valves of hydraulic system can’t be randomly adjusted. After pumping, operators should ensure that all components of the equipment should bear no burden, and they should wash hopper and conveying pipelines thoroughly and completely.

All in all, there are many things that operators should pay attention to in concrete pumping, and if you still have questions, welcome to contact us at any time. Our professional engineers and salesman will provide heartfelt services.

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