The Pumping Points of Concrete Pump

As an efficient concrete pumping equipment, cement pump has played a vital role in the modern construction projects. The pumping of concrete requires careful operation to improve working efficiency and ensure productivity. There are several pumping points that users should pay attention to in the construction site.

Generally speaking, users should finish concrete pumping within 90 minutes after mixing, which can greatly avoid the sticking of concrete onto the pipeline or the inner side of pumps. In the pumping process, users should ensure the continuous supply of concrete, and if not, they should at least adjust the conveying speed of the mixer truck to ensure the quality of conveying materials.

HBTS50 concrete pump

The material should be discharged slowly from the mixer truck from the very beginning. After that, users should inspect the quality of the pumping materials, and make some adjustment. If there is some large-sized stone in the pumping materials, users should stop pumping immediately. At this time, they should mix the concrete for about 2-3 minutes, and they should keep discharging when the material is back to normal condition. If there is any sticking in the can, users should clean it timely after operation, which can keep the can clean, prolonging the service life of the equipment and ensure production efficiency.

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