The Pumping Procedures and Requirements of Concrete Pumps

Along with the constantly development of secondary and new rural areas, there has emerged a big demand of concrete pumps in construction projects. Generally speaking, concrete pump is an efficient concrete pumping machine that has extensive usage in various construction works, such as the construction of high-rising building, bridges, dams, highway and etc. In general, the correct pumping procedures of concrete pump can greatly improve working efficiency, shortening construction period and save costs. In response to the inquiry of mass customers, we want to make a thorough introduction of the pumping procedures and requirements of concrete pumps.

Firstly, start concrete pump and race the machine in empty. If the temperature is very low, operators should enlarge the racing time accordingly. One can begin pumping when the temperature of the hydraulic oil has been up to 15 degrees. Speed up the heating of hydraulic oil by using pressures is strictly prohibited.

HBTS90 concrete pump

Secondly, add some water to the hopper to wet the hopper, distribution valve and conveying pipe.

Thirdly, add a certain amount of cement mortar to the hopper, and it can fully lubricate the whole concrete conveying pipes.

Then, the concrete pump should reverse a few circles after adding cement mortar to the hopper. By doing this, both side wall of the hopper can get the full lubrication. Then, positively rotate the machine to make the mortar into the distribution valves.

At last, operators can’t pump all the mortars out in the operation process, and the mortar should be retained in the hopper above the mixing shaft. At this time, operators should wait and start pumping when the new concrete mixtures has been added to the hopper.

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