The Purchase Attention of Trailer Concrete Pumps for Sale

How do you choose the right type of concrete pump? For some large construction projects, users may consider HBT60 or 80 concrete pump. In contrast, HBT40, 50 trailer pump suits the demand of rural housing construction and other small construction projects best. What aspects to consider before buying trailer mounted concrete pumps?

  1. Concrete Pouring Requirements

The pump selection should base on the objects and features of concrete engineering works, the required maximum conveying capacity, the maximum transmission distance and so on.

  1. The Type and Structure of the building

In the pump selection, users should also consider the type and structure of the building, construction technology requirements, site conditions and the surrounding environment.

trailer mounted concrete pumps price

  1. The Construction Demand

The amount of concrete pump that one need can be calculated according to the amount of concrete pouring, the actual conveying amount of single pump and construction time.

4. Product Configuration

Apparently, trailer pumps with high quality and configuration are welcomed by most of customers and investors, right?

  1. The Power System

Modern concrete trailer pump basically adopts hydraulic system, and users need to consider the performance of components of their hydraulic system, the quality of the engine and the performance of the chassis.

  1. After-sale Service

Good after-sale service can save lots of troubles and save lots of costs. It is very necessary to find a pump manufacturer that provides reliable after-sale services.

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