The Safe Operation Announcements of Concrete Pump

Concrete pump is an inseparable part of modern construction works, which has very good performance in the pumping and delivering of concrete, aggregate and mortars. However, many users know little about the daily operation attentions of concrete pump, which has caused lots of troubles and affect their drily operation. Today, we will try to solve this problem by introducing the basic safe operation announcements of concrete pumps.

HBTS60 cement pump

  1. Generally speaking, concrete pump should be placed in a smooth and solid ground, which can ensure that there will no sliding of the equipment in the production process.
  2. The size of the pumping mixture should meet certain pumping requirements, which can avoid the blocking and damage of the conveying pipelines.
  3. All the devices of the equipment should be reliable enough to ensure that there will have no leakage or loosening of any parts of the equipment.
  4. Users can’t adjust the hydraulic pressure of concrete trailer pump randomly, which may cause unnecessary losses and sudden breakdowns.
  5. Users should stop pumping when the oil temperature is over 70 degrees, and they need to cool the equipment before starting pumping again.
  6. After pumping, users should clear all the concrete out to avoid the sticking on the inner side of the pump, which may cause the blocking of concrete in the later pumping practice.

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