The Skills of Choosing the Appropriate Concrete Pump

Along with the development of construction industry, the pumping technique of concrete becomes much maturer. Many machinery manufacturers have innovated different kinds of concrete pumps to comply with this situation. With so many choices to choose, customers often feel confused of how to choose the appropriate concrete pump. So this essay will give some tips on the selection of concrete pumps.

The selection of concrete pump should depend on the construction target, project requirements, the max concrete conveying volume and the max conveying distance.

  1. To choose according to the type of your construction project.

Different types of concrete pumps have different characteristics. It is necessary to consider the types and requirements of construction projects as well as the operation environment.

  1. To choose concrete pumps with longer cantilever cranes.

Generally speaking, the longer cantilever cranes that the pump has, the longer pumping distances that the pump will be. So it is meaningful to choose concrete pumps with longer cantilever cranes. Of course, users should select the pump with the combination of personal demand.

JBT concrete trailer pump

  1. To choose concrete pumps according to the configuration.

When choosing a concrete pump, customers should keep it in mind that high quality is a key factor. It is necessary to consider both the external and internal quality of the concrete pump.

  1. The driving system is also a significant factor of concrete pumps.

In general, hydraulic system is adopted by most of concrete pumps in the market, and it is important to consider whether the hydraulic system is advanced or not.

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