The Specific Features of Changli Concrete Pumps

Concrete pump is also known as cement pump, which is mainly used to transport concrete, which basically consists of the main pump, dispensing valves, cooling system, electric system, hydraulic system and the hopper.

Specifically, the cooling system refers to a powerful air-cooled radiator, which can effectively control the oil temperature and ensure that the hydraulic works properly. The electric system of our cement pump sale adopts imported programmable controller, and it has high reliability and control accuracy, which can greatly reduce the failure rate of the electric system.

JBS10 concrete mixer and pumps manufacturer

In addition, the unique characteristics of the hydraulic concrete pumps are:

  1. It adopts classic hydraulic circuit design, which is double-pump and open loop circuit motored by separate oil pump, which can effectively increase the service life of the hydraulic system, saving energy and reduce the overheating of the whole system.
  2. With relief and pressure cut-off dual protection, the reliability of the system has been greatly improved.
  3. The fittings of pipelines adopt international standards, and hydraulic tubes adopt imported brands to ensure the reliability of the pipeline system.
  4. The pressure switching of oil cylinder adopts rotary valves, which can largely reduce secondary oil pollution without disassembling the hose.
  5. The oil tank is hard to rust to cause oil pollution.

The concrete pumps produced by Zhengzhou Changli Machinery have long pumping distance, high performance and high reliability. Welcome to contact me to get a free quote at any time if you are interested in our concrete pumps.

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