The Unique Advantages of Concrete Pump

Concrete pump is a concrete conveying device that generally makes full use of pressures to achieve the continuous conveying of concrete through pipelines. Generally speaking, it is basically composed by the pump body and conveying pipelines, and it will be more convenient if we install the pump in a mobile chassis, which is often called as truck mounted concrete pump. In order to help users know more about our concrete pumps, we will introduce the main advantages of our pumps as the followings:

1. High Reliability
The main parts of our products adopt imported high-strength steel, and it is equipped with unilateral operation protection and anti-rollover control technology, which can provide a full range perspective, and it has protection and reliability. Besides that, high configuration of imported pumps and hydraulic system can totally ensure the stability and reliability of the hydraulic system.

cement trailer pump

2. High Pumping Efficiency
Concrete pump adopts large displacement pumping technology, which can significantly reduce the pumping frequency, improving the suction efficiency and reduce the loss of related components.

3. Convenient Operation and Maintenance
It can realize automatic mixing, and the piston rod is easy to dissemble, which has easy operation, convenient maintenance and low costs.

4. High Resource Utilization Rate
The engine adopts intelligent energy saving technology, which can save fuel up to 10 percent, and it greatly improves energy utilization rate.
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