The Working Principle and Operation Attention of Concrete Pump

Concrete pump is an effective pumping machine, which realizes the conveying of concrete through pipelines by making full use of pressures. Generally speaking, it can realize horizontal and vertical transportation of concrete to different places and heights. It is motivated by the engine, and concrete is push into the conveying pipeline by the inner pressure. As a professional concrete pump manufacturer, we want to share the basic operation attention of concrete pump with customers at home and abroad.

cement small pump

  1. Concrete pump should be placed in a smooth and solid place, and there should have no obstacles. After this, users should put down the legs of the equipment and adjust the machine to keep it in stable.
  2. After starting, users should run the equipment in empty, and they also should observe the indication value of the instrument board, checking the rotation condition of the pump and the mixing system. Besides that, users should begin working until the machine is in normal operation. Besides that, user should put some water into the machine to wet the hopper and pipelines.
  3. In the pumping process, the concrete in the hopper should be above the mixing axis. The hopper grids shall not be filled with concrete, and users should remove the waste materials in the grids timely.
  4. The machine should be equipped with related cleaning equipment, and non-related person should stay away from the construction site before opening the pump.
  5. In the pumping process, users can’t open any pipeline and hydraulic pipeline, and they can’t adjust or repair any running parts at this time.
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