Useful Tips of Pipeline Designing of Concrete Pumps

Concrete pipe should be piped according to characteristics of construction sites and pouring program of concrete. Concrete pipe should be selected according to the maximum particle size of coarse aggregate, the type of concrete pump, the conveying distance, the concrete output and the difficulty of conveying.

Concrete pipe should short length of pipelines and use less bends and hoses. The laying of pipeline should be laid to ensure safe construction and it is must convenient to clean pipeline, solve troubleshooting, and dis-assembly and maintenance.

The concrete pipe should adopt same diameter pipe, and the new pipe should be arranged at the part where is under large pumping pressure. The delivery pipe shall have a strength appropriate to the pumping conditions. Concrete pipe shall be free of cracks, no concavity and no damage.

The joints of concrete pipe should be tight, and there is sufficient strength and no leakage slurry. When the minimum pipe diameter of conveying pipe is l00mm, and the maximum diameter of the coarse aggregate can’t exceed. When the minimum pipe diameter of conveying pipe is 25mm, and the minimum diameter can’t exceed 40mm.

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The length of ground level pipe of electric concrete pump should not be less than a quarter of the length of the vertical pipe in piping of vertical pipe, and it not less than 15m.

Concrete pipes can’t be directly supported on frame and embedded parts. Horizontal pipe should be fixed by a bracket, table mats, spreaders and others in order to clean, install and maintain pipes at every distance. Vertical pipe is more suitable for be fixed to the wall and the top hole at the floor. In hot season, please use wet cloth and warm straw bags and others to cover concrete pipes to avoid sunlight. In the cold season, please wrap the concrete pipes with insulation materials to prevent the concrete from freezing and ensure the concrete temperature.

Making a reasonable choice to select piping methods and pumping process. When the horizontal transport distance is more than 200m, the vertical transmission distance is more than 40m or inclined tube is laid horizontal pipe, and it is advisable to use large diameter concrete pipes and long conical pipes, with fewer elbows and hoses. When the delivery height exceeds the maximum delivery distance of the concrete pump mixer, which can be pumped with a relay pump.

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