What Are the Features and Advantages of Our Concrete Pumps for Sale?

Based on years of production experience and high reputation, our concrete mixer pumps are sold very well at home and abroad. It has a lot of features and advantages, and we will list it as the followings:

Our cement pumps for sale has small size, light weight and high mobility, and it has easy access to the construction site. Besides that, the structure is relatively simple, which is easy to maintain and operate. Our mini or small concrete pump is generally equipped with anti-shedding off hydraulic legs, and the positioning of the machine is fast and convenient. For no dead angles, it can adapt to varieties of concrete formulations.

Carbide tungsten steel wear plate and wear ring use a unique mosaic process, which has long service life. In addition, it has a large diameter piston cylinder buffer device, and it has good buffering effect. The hydraulic components and electric components adopts internationally renowned brands to ensure system reliability. Hydraulic circuit adopts alarming system to avoid the malfunction caused by the clogging of the circuit.

JBS10 cement mixer and pump

It also has two modes of operation, which are manual and wired remote control.

It is highly mechanized, so it requires less labor. Concrete delivery and pouring operations are continuous, which ensures high construction efficiency. It can adapt to the any hard construction working environment, which has wide range of operation. Concrete pipelines can be laid to difficult sites and make concrete to fill the casting site under the pressure. You can use the pump in series to increase the transmission distance in order to meet a variety of construction needs. In the normal pumping conditions, the concrete in the pipeline transportation will not pollute the environment, and it achieves a civilized construction. Welcome to visit our website or send us E-mail for more details and free quotation.

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